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As a leading manufacturer of first aid products, Franz Kalff has always acted in a future-oriented manner and has made a significant contribution to making first aid treatment in accidents on the road, at home, at work or during leisure activities reliable, efficient and cost-effective. This gives us a special responsibility - towards our employees, customers and business partners as well as towards the environment and the society in which we live and work.

For this reason, sustainability is a central component of our corporate culture and corporate strategy. Corporate Responsibility (CR) is our strategic approach to systematically integrating social and environmental matters into business processes. For we are convinced that by embracing economic, environmental and social aspects, we can secure the company’s long-term success and at the same time generate benefits for society.

The overarching objective of our CR commitment is to,

  • identify opportunities and risks arising from changes in social and environmental conditions in good time
  • Meet customer requirements in terms of our corporate responsibility
  • Strengthen the business development and corporate culture
  • Heighten the reputation and social acceptance of the company
  • Contribute to a sustainable development of the economy, society and environment.

With our CR guidelines, we specify our exact understanding of responsible corporate action. We have set guidelines for our six CR fields of action, which show how we understand our responsibility for employees, business partners, the environment and society and what we focus on in terms of content.

Corporate Responsibility (CR) also includes social commitment - also known as Corporate Citizenship (CC).

On the one hand, we have committed ourselves to creating a world in which everyone can have first aid products at their disposal. This is not the case in many countries of the world at present. Many refugees are fighting to survive in some parts of Europe and have no access to first aid products. Through our donation campaign, we provide care for a small number of these people who have suffered such a fate. We make our products available to aid organisations, which transport them to the affected regions. Read more here

We also want to be locally active. Our goal is to strengthen the region, for it is important to offer employees an attractive working environment in which they feel comfortable, both now and in the future. As part of a German district portrait initiative (“Deutsche Landkreise im Portrait”), the Euskirchen district has published a book that illustrates the advantages of our district. Kalff has contributed to this book with its own short portrait. Read more here.