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The Company

Franz Kalff can look back on a success story of more than 130 years. This is because we combine continuity and innovation for our customers. We are guided by our mission, which is:

Our products are to provide excellent first aid in road traffic, in companies, at home or during leisure activities worldwide, and our everyday aids are to make the daily lives of people with physical disabilities easier.

Our business activities focus on the development, production and distribution of first aid products of various kinds such as first aid boxes and first aid bags for cars, trucks, motorcycles, household, sports, leisure and companies.

In addition, the company sells an extensive range of safety products such as warning triangles and personal protective equipment (PPE) with high-visibility vests, gloves and respirators as well as everyday aids.

Our worldwide customers include many well-known companies in the automotive industry and trade as well as sub-organisations of the United Nations, some of whom we have had a business relationship with for more than 45 years.

Our sustained success is thanks to our employees’ high level of competence and many years of experience. We have a team of very well qualified and highly motivated employees. They have a great deal of expertise, built up over more than 40 years in some cases.

Why are our employees so valuable to us?

  • Through them, we understand the market and our customers and know the needs of today and tomorrow.
  • They make our customers feel important, and they in turn trust us.
  • Their creativity enables us to present innovative ideas to our customers.
  • They enable us to provide our promised value for money and to improve it for the future.
  • Thanks to them, we can supply our customers in a very reliable and timely manner with products of the usual high quality, and do so day after day.
  • It is through them that we build the important and close relationships with our suppliers.
  • They enable us to act in an entrepreneurial and responsible manner and ensure the sustainable use of our resources.

When dealing with our daily challenges, every single employee is guided by our eight principles of action:

  1. We tackle our customers’ challenges jointly as a team.
  2. We act as entrepreneurs with trust, respect, appreciation and reliability.
  3. We place our strategic goals at the focus of our actions.
  4. We are fully aware of how each one of us contributes to the company’s long-term success.
  5. We secure the company’s future by consistently exploiting opportunities.
  6. We are open to criticism, admit our mistakes and strive for continuous improvement.
  7. We focus on the positive and constructively look for solutions.
  8. We count on the initiative, responsibility and creativity of our employees.

As a team, we pursue the overriding goal of providing our customers with products with an increased benefit, and of doing so reliably and at ever better prices.