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Franz Kalff as an Employer

>>The personal commitment of each individual = our successful as a team.<<

Whether in purchasing, quality management, sales, controlling or in the warehouse - we are always looking for new employees wishing to join our team and share our common goal: success and satisfaction all round.

We also want to see this satisfaction spread to our staff. To this end, we at Franz Kalff are committed to your professional development, which we promote by challenging and encouraging you.

The employees in our company have always been the most important pillar of our success since 1883. On our journey from a family business to a global player, our principles and standards have remained the same:

  • We solve problems: for and with our employees
  • We focus on the positive and look for solutions
  • We admit our mistakes and are open to criticism - for sound communication is the basis for sound cooperation
  • We secure the future of the company by seizing opportunities. We also want to offer opportunities to our employees
  • We are fully aware of how each one of us contributes to the company’s long-term success - everyone makes their own contribution to the whole
  • We put our strategic goals at the focus of our actions. A special goal of our strategic personnel development is developing specialists in our company
  • Our actions are guided by trust, respect, appreciation and reliability
  • We count on the initiative, responsibility and creativity of our employees
  • Our emphasis is on the we. WE want to continue to be successful together.

We define our strengths as an employer through social commitment and responsibility, team spirit and motivation.

Our self-perception as a team and the personal bonds within this team are two of our most important factors of success. The personal commitment of each team member is fundamental to our joint success. Together, we drive the company’ development forward in order to ensure that all our employees will continue to have a secure job with opportunities for growth and fair pay in the future.

Can you too put your own tick next to the values we live by?

Then look no further than Franz Kalff!


Personnel management and personnel development

As part of our quality management, we also have a structured and goal-oriented personnel management in order to face future tasks and opportunities with motivation and determination.

Personnel management does not work without personnel development.

We support a combination of long-term experience and fresh, innovative ideas, expanded with continued internal and external training.

By helping our specialists and managerial staff to progress and by encouraging young talent, we aim to mould our very own specialists and build management teams from within the company.


Compatibility of family and career

Behind a motivated and successful employee, there is more often than not a happy family too. 

We also support our employees in their everyday lives and promote the compatibility of family and career by enabling flexible and attractive working hours and family-friendly holiday planning.