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Our Products - Your Name

All our products can be individualised (customer design), meaning fully customised products can be created in close cooperation with you. We offer you the highest flexibility, creativity and many years of experience in the professional implementation of your requests. We take into account not only the design, but also the material, the area of application and above all the budget.

There are countless ways in which you can design your product. We will be more than happy to assist and advise you regarding:

  • Material of the actual packaging (bag, box, case, packet)
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Features (zip, velcro strips, belt loops, carrying handle etc.)
  • Contents selection
  • Inner bag presentation
  • Banderole/hangtag
  • Packaging
  • and much more

all from a single source

The production of the first aid bags being entirely in our own hands, we can provide fast and flexible realisation of customer-specific requests in terms of design, shape, colour, print and company logo and do so at the highest level

Example for customer designs:

Compact first-aid kit with self-designed customer designs

Compact bags with sensibly compiled first-aid contents in a high-quality nylon bag with, for example, practical belt loops or Velcro straps on the back.

First aid combined with your own motto in a practical bag shape and with individual colouring


Not a bag or a box for a change. But the same goes for these cases: we will work flexibly with you to determine the contents for quick first aid and can design a wide variety of containers.


Don't want to store the prescribed contents according to DIN 13164 in a conventional bag packed in the boot of your car? We are flexible here too and can develop various containers in the desired size, shape, quality and design.

Compact and sophisticated bag shape and individual colouring

Shock-absorbing hard-shell case with zip

PACKAGING: INLAY, BANDEROLE, LABEL (HANGTAG)ng: Einleger, Banderole, Etikett (Hangtag)

In order to give the consumer more information and images, we design individual inlays, banderoles, booklets or labels (hangtags) in cooperation with you.



A Bag without Contents

Are you looking for the right bag for your contents? We can help you out there too. Whether unusual shapes, colours, designs or above all high-quality material, or water-repellent, waterproof or particularly innovative.