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Although the number of road deaths in Germany is falling continuously, more than 3000 people still died on our roads in 2016. By contrast, the number of road traffic accidents rose to around 2.6 million in 2016. At the same time, the number of persons injured increased to almost 400,000.

Against this background, it is understandable that in Germany and in many other countries, there are legally prescribed minimum standards for carrying first aid boxes, first aid bags and safety articles in road traffic. The same applies to the provision of first aid material in companies.

The following pages will give you a very clear overview of these legal provisions, giving you a very sound guide on what to pay attention to when you are on the road with your car or motorcycle. In addition, we will provide you with useful information regarding first aid outside of road traffic, be it during family, hobby or leisure time. There are special provisions regarding the first aid material carrying requirements applicable to special vehicles such as ambulances or fire engines. There are more even more things worth knowing about warning triangles and high-visibility vests. If you would like to refresh your knowledge of what to do in the event of an accident, you can get brief and concise information from us.

TIP: Regularly check all parts with an expiration date in your first aid boxes or first aid bags. The sterile materials in particular have an expiration date. Material that has become unusable must be replaced. The same applies to used material after a first aid treatment.