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There are significantly more fatal accidents in the household than road accidents. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 7533 people died in 2010 as a result of accidents at home. Estimates show that in Germany approximately 8.9 million people (i.e. about ten percent of the population!) are injured in an accident every year, of which about 2.73 million are in the household and 2.63 million in leisure.

Grazes and cuts, tick bites and thorn pricks: Whether at home, on hikes or on bike or mountain tours - many a mishap can occur. Fortunately though, most injuries are minor and can be quickly treated with a well-equipped first aid kit. But what constitutes a good first aid kit?

There is no fill standard for the various first aid kits, such as that for first aid boxes in cars. The contents of the first aid kits vary accordingly. In addition to compresses, dressing packs, a roll of adhesive plasters and (steri-strip) plasters, a first aid kit should also include disposable gloves and/or cleaning wipes for disinfecting uninjured skin such as the hands.

And if you don't take a penknife with scissors with you, you should make sure that there are some in the first aid kit. Emergency instructions are also useful in order to properly treat injuries.

A rescue blanket, which protects injured people from losing too much body heat, can be a great help in accidents.

Whether a small scratch, bleeding graze or other injuries on your tour: these first aid kits will help you get back on your feet.


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