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For a very quick guide on which European countries have an obligation to carry first aid dressing material, a warning triangle and/or high-visibility vest, the best place to look is our very useful overview. You will find this here. (Countries with only one recommendation were also marked with a green tick. All information without guarantee)

In Germany

The obligation to carry a first aid box or first aid bag in a passenger car is regulated in Section 35h of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

The contents of the first aid box or first aid bag must meet DIN standard 13164. It is usually clear to see from the packaging which DIN the contents comply with.

TIP: Not carrying first aid materialor carrying expired first aid material may result in a fine of € 5 being charged in accordance with Section 35h of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

All our products intended for use in cars comply with DIN 13164. This standard is highly regarded and accepted in most European and many other countries. Every single component of DIN 13164 is manufactured according to strict specifications. DIN 13164 consists of the following contents:

Download contents according to DIN 13164


Suitable articles from our product range:

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Before starting a journey abroad, everyone should find out about the obligation to carry first aid material in the respective country.

In Austria, for example, the law only requires you to carry dressing materials that are suitable for wound treatment. This must be packed in a dust-tight and resistant container and protected against contamination. The carrying obligation is the driver’s responsibility. In accordance with Section 102 paragraph 10 of the Austrian Motor Vehicles Act (KFG) we have put together a box and a bag for your journey in or through Austria.