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“There is nothing permanent except change”

Heraklit von Ephesus (etwa 540 - 480 v. Chr.)


Idea - concept design - realisation - optimisation


>>This is our future<<

We want to make the world of first aid a little better every day. Which is why we bring innovative products to the market for our customers. Our decades of experience help us to focus our attention on the highest quality. The experience of our long-serving employees combined with fresh ideas and an ear for our customers and their needs allow us to make INNOVATION a priority in our company.

Innovation for the sake of innovation does not get us anywhere. It is by talking with our customers that we learn about their needs and can take these into account when implementing new products. Our goal is to bring innovations to the market that satisfy the needs of our customers. And while doing so, we always have our eyes open to what is coming. The terms "trend scouting" and "solution development" are ideally suited to illustrate our innovative thinking.

Over 130 years of innovation

Groundbreaking innovations have a long tradition with us at Kalff. Nonwoven fabrics were developed by Dr. A. Schoeler, who applied for a first patent in 1927 and was jointly responsible for setting up production in Rheder together with Wilhelm Kalff. Over the decades, a simple mill has developed into an industrial company that can now call itself a global player.

For us, innovation starts with changing details of our products such as colour, shape, functionality and size and has the aim of inventing something completely new. By creating a multi-chamber inner bag in our bags and boxes, we have presented a groundbreaking, innovative and award-winning solution. Pictograms make it easier and quicker for the first aider to locate the exact dressing material required. All the imitations are proof for us of just how useful this innovation is.

Innovation: for us both an incentive and a guiding principle. Many motivated employees work at Franz Kalff on future-oriented solutions for our customers and the company.


“Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)


We will continue to heed these words when it comes to being innovative..