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Outdoor Bag

We are in regular dialogue with our customers. We see one of our main tasks as recognising the desires and ideas of our business partners and responding to them. Our OUTDOOR BAG is the result of such a process.

What does our OUTDOOR BAG offer?

  • Extensive content
  • Modern design
  • Multilingual info
  • Sterile parts with a shelf life of 5 years

Basic Edition:

  • Perfect for day trips
  • Easy-to-store first aid

Professional Edition:

  • With even more content and storage space for individual adaptation to your needs

What else is possible?

We are happy to adapt our products to your individual ideas .

Sales packaging:

Banderole, hangtag, shrink-wrapped, etc. ...we will be happy to implement your requests. 


We also change the content in line with your ideas. Would you like to add contents? Or introduce completely new products? Just want an inner bag?


We have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing designs and patterns. You are welcome to use one of our existing colour patterns or create something special together with us based on your own ideas.

Stars, unicorns, hearts?

Or would you prefer a straightforward design?

Or your own logo?

Get in contact and we will be happy to advise you!