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Test-winning Bag

The groundbreaking and award-winning Kalff inner bag concept.

Kalff has revolutionised the inside of the first aid bag with a unique solution!

For in an emergency, every second counts!


The clearly arranged compartments of the Kalff inner bag are provided with pictograms and short descriptions. This enables the first aider to quickly see each product and assign it to its area of application, meaning that the correct contents can be accessed quickly.

The colour coding also allows products to be classified into sterile and non-sterile devices. This also makes checking expiry dates easier and gives customers the feeling of always being optimally equipped.

In the first aid kit test of the magazine AutoBild (issue 50/14) our first aid bag 7170, which has the clearly arranged inner bag, was chosen as the test winner.

Click here here and you will find the complete test report of the magazine "AutoBild", in which our products were rated best.

The description of our clearly arranged, groundbreaking and innovative inner bag is available here as a PDF download.



By clicking on the individual pictograms you can learn more about the high-quality components of the inner bag.

With non-DIN boxes and bags, the contents may vary.