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In 2016 alone, there were over 870,000 notifiable accidents at work. A minor accident can happen quickly. And ideally, it should be possible to give first aid just as quickly on the job. According to the applicable occupational health and safety regulations, every company, playschool or school must have the necessary first aid materials on hand to provide immediate medical assistance to injured persons.

The German Workplaces Ordinance (ArbStättV) and the accident prevention regulation "Principles of Prevention" or BGV A1 stipulate that a certain number of special first aid boxes must be kept available in companies, depending on the kind and number of employees.

In addition, ASR A4.3 has been in force since January 2011. It regulates the requirements for first aid equipment in companies, administrations and educational institutions. It specifies the content and number of first aid boxes to be provided and the requirements for first aid facilities in companies.

Minimum number:

Number of first aid boxes according to DIN 13157-C (small first aid box) or according to
DIN 13169-E (large first aid box) in line with ASR A4.3:

Please note that one first aid box according to DIN 13169-E replaces the contents of two first aid boxes according to DIN 13157-C


Type of company Number of

first aid box

first aid box

Administrative and commercial companies

1-50 1 -
51-300 - 1
301-600 - 2
For every 300 additional employees - +1

Production, processing and similar companies

1-20 1 -
21-100 - 1
101-200 - 2
For every 100 additional employees - +1

Construction sites

1-10 1 -
For every 50 additional employees - +1

Playschools and schools

  1 -


A medical bag according to DIN 13160 must be carried on school trips, hikes and excursions.

Every company must ensure, through its safety officer, that the sterile materials are replaced after their expiry date (BGI 509) and refilled when used up.